Special Series White Ezine Cheese

Antre Gourmet

Special series white ezine cheese is prepared with milk from goats, sheep and cows fed with natural vegetation and water resources of Ezine, Bayramiç, Ayvacık districts located in the northern and western parts of the Kaz Mountains. According to the season, milk ratios are matured in brine from whole milk at a minimum of 40% for goat milk, 45-55% for sheep milk and at most 15% for cow milk. It has a few small pores of medium hardness. Production is carried out between March and July, and the cheese is aged for at least 8 months to gain the desired taste and aroma.

Energy and Nutrition Facts 100 gr.
Energy( kJ /kcal) 1365/326
Fat(g) 26,8
Saturated Fat(g) 18,9
Carbohydrate(g) 1,8
Sugar(g) 0
Fiber(g) 0
Protein(g) 19,13
Salt(g) 2,23

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